Why should I donate?

Hosting servers isn't cheap. There's a ton of bills, maintenance fees, and service exchange charges that come with hosting a game network. We try our best to give you a 24/7 lag-free experience whilst keeping monthly server cost at a minimum. Whether you're giving us $1 or $100, every donation helps us stick around. 


Will this give me an advantage over others?

No. We do not give players anything that would grant them an advantage over others. SMP is not a competitive game type, therefore, the lack of "player-against-player" environment on the server allows us the opportunity to give our donors ranks, kits, commands, and in-game currency without it being "pay to win".


Can I buy staff / admin / op privileges?

No. Staff are hand picked to our discretion. If you are looking to become a staff member, try orbonix.net/apply However, there are commands you can purchase that normally only Admins could use, such as /fly. Check it out under "Commands & Perks" tab.


How do I donate without using PayPal?

Sorry. We only accept PayPal at the moment. However, another way you can pay is by using a credit/debit card linked to your PayPal account.


I didn't get my stuff / my inventory was full! What should I do?

Some purchases can take up to 20 minutes before they come into effect. 

If your inventory was full or you didn't get the right product(s), contact an admin to have them sort it out for you.

If hours have passed and you still didn't receive your items, contact an admin to have them force execute your pending commands.